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Mann Island Liverpool
  1. This next restaurant overlooks the River Mersey and Liverpool waterfront. Maritime Dining Room is a British restaurant offering fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Get ready not only to feast your eyes on great views but also feast on classic family favourites meals with vegan and vegetarian options available too.


  1. What’s cooking? Is the longest serving restaurant at the Royal Albert Docks. The restaurant has been open for over 40 years and overlooks Liverpool’s iconic Three Graces. The ingredients are sourced locally to offer the finest and freshest meals. This Bar and Grill menu include beautiful burgers, ribs, steaks and much more. However, we cannot forget to add their delicious cocktails.


  1. For all of the meat lovers, Miller and Carter is a steakhouse on the docks. Not to worry if you do not eat meat, as vegetarian options are available. However, at Miller and Carter steaks take centre stage. You like beef? Well, you will love it after you have a meal at Miller and Carter.


  1. PanAm is a restaurant and bar located amongst the Three Graces and within easy reach of Liverpool city centre. If you are in need of some American flavours, PanAm offers a menu that’s varied, from simple buffets to multi-course set menus.


  1. In the Docks’ historic Britannia Pavilion, you will find Rosa’s Thai Café, a newly opened café for anyone who loves Thai food, or those of you who happen to be in town and fancy something new. If you love their food so much, they have produced two cook books that are available - so you can become your very own master chef in your own home.


  1. Just right on the dockside, Docklands Fish and Chips are not only a tasty bite to have but they are very generous on the portion size. You can choose to have your food inside or take it out to sit around the docks and appreciate the surroundings.


  1. Puffle Waffle is Hong Kong street food that has taken over the streets of Royal Albert Docks. This amazing Asian creation has won the hearts of many individuals who travel far and wide. Waffle recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and their fillings are flavours you have not tried before. The warm waffle can be filled with ingredients that you would have never thought of combining and you have the option of trying these savoury or sweet.


  1. Tate Liverpool Café restaurant is visually stunning with so many pops of colour. The café sources local produce for food made freshly.
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